Real Spoken And Writing

Total Class : 60
Seat : 15
Course Duration : 5 Month

English Elementary Level : A1-A2

Our Course Module

People and places

1. be: names and countries

2. be: personal information / pronunciation: short forms

3. Articles (1): a/an + jobs

4. be: personal questions



you & yours

1. this, that, these, those Pronunciation: this/that/theses and those

2. have got

3. Possessive's


Everyday life

1. Present simple questions

2.Pronunciation: Sentence stress in questions

3. Present simple (positive and negative)

4.Common verbs

5.Vocabulary and speaking

6.Daily routines

7.Reading and vocabulary:

8.Life in Britain

9.Listening: Life in Australia

Loves and hates

1. Present simple: he and she, like….ing, questions

Pronunciation: Sentence stress in questions

2. Present simple questions: he and she

3. Activity verbs and adverbd of frequency


4. Listening: Celebrity Loves and hates

5. Reading: An American star in London and a British star in Hollywood


Getting from A to B

1. Can and can't

Pronunciation: Can and can't

2. Articles (2): a/an, the and zero

3. Vocabulary and reading: Transport

4. Listening and vocabulary: At the airport


Eating and Drinking

1. There is and There are

Pronunciation: Linking

2. Some and any

Pronunciation: Sentence stress

3. How much and How many

4. Food (countable and uncountable nouns)

5. Listening: Breakfasts around the world

6. Reading and Speaking:

7. Food: Facts and myths

Extraordinary lives

1. Past simple: was and were

Pronunciation: Linking

2. some and any

Pronunciation: Sentence stress

3. How much and How many

4. Years, decodes and centuries

Pronunciation: Sentence Stress

5. Reading: An Ordinary life…

an amazing idea

6. Listening: A true story


Fact or fiction?

1. Past simple negative forms

Pronunciation: Sentence stress

2. Past simple questions

3. Describing films

Pronunciation: Word stress

4. Reading: Film facts

5. Listening: The author behind the legend

Bying and selling

1. Comparative adjectives

Pronunciation: Stressed and weak syllables

2. Present simple or Present continuous?

3. Shops and shopping

4. Reading: The world's most famous markers


Street life

1. Present continuous

Pronunciation: The sound/In

2. Present simple or Present continuous?

3. Shops and shopping

4. Reading: The world's most famous markets

The word around us

1. can and can't for ability

Pronunciation: Senttence stress and weak froms

2. Question words

3. Use of articals (3)

Pronunciation: Different pronunciations of the

4. Animols and natural features

5. Reading: Amazing facts about the natural word

6. Listening: Mon's best friend?

A weekend away

1. Future intentions: going to, would like to and want to

Pronunciation: Weak form of to

2. Suggestions and offers

Pronunciation: Sounding polite

3. Vocabulary and speaking:

Going out and staying in

Learning for the future

1. Infinitive of purpose

2. might and will

Pronunciation: Present and future forms

3. Vocabulary and speaking:

Education and careers

4. Pronunciation: Silent vowel sounds

5. Reading: Easy English?

6. Listening: My career

Keeping in touch

1. Prepositions of movement

Pronunciation: Sentence stress

2. Time phroses with the Present perfect and Post simple

3. Ways of communicating

4. Reading: Getting in touch through the ages

Going Places

1. Preposition of movement

Pronunciation: Sentence stress

2. have to, don't have to, can and can't

Pronunciation: have to

3. Things in a town

Pronunciation: Word stress

4. Listening: A tour of Edinburgh


Mentor : Md. Rayhanul Islam

IELTS English Instructor

  • A.K.M.Rayhanul Islam
  • ESTD : 2007
  • Vice Principal
  • Greenfield English Version School & College
  • British Council Validated Trainer
  • BA (Hons) MA (ELT),
  • CELTA, DELTA (M-1)
  • Cambridge University MED (USA) Writing Diploma,
  • Oregon University (USA) Paths to ELT Success, Duke University (USA),
  • IELTS Certification ( London Teachers Training College )

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