Full Stack Web Development
  • Jun 16 , 2021

Full Stack Web Development

  HTML  Introduction

Proper Use of HTML

Use of Different Tags

  Use Of Different Attributes

Provide A List of HTML Tags

Use All Necessary Tags

Use of All Necessary Attributes

Use of All Necessary Attributes

  CSS Introduction

Use of inline, internal and external CSS

CSS Property Introduction

  Color, Background Color, Height, Width

Stylesheet Download Now

Margin, Padding

Float, Overflow

Border, Border Radius

Use of The Display

Creating Basic Design Structures

Use of Other Properties

Use of All Important Properties of CSS

Ideas About Theme Forest Design

Photoshop Introduction

Photoshop Tools

Ideas Related to PSD

The Process Of Separating Images From PSD

Introduction to PSD to HTML

How to Find Free PSD Web Templates

PSD to HTML Method

Complete The Design

Use Of CSS-3

Ideas About CSS-3 Properties

Use Of All Important Properties And Values ​​Of CSS-3

Use Of Media Queries

Property Prefix Of CSS-3

Responsive Contact

How To Make A Complete Design Responsive

How To Make Previous Designs Responsive

All Uses Of Media Query

Class Reviews

Introducing Bootstrap 5

Use Of Different Classes Of Bootstrap 5

Caution In Using Bootstrap 5

The Easiest Way To Practice Bootstrap

Different Section Designs With Bootstrap

Use Of Various Effects Of Bootstrap

Use Of Bootstrap And Icons

Concepts Related To Other Frameworks

Introduction to JavaScript and Jquery

Use of Javascript and Jquery

Javascript and Jquery Basic

Different Methods of Javascript and Jquery

Jquery Documentation

Use Of Different Functions And Methods

Practical Use

Shown As A Small Project

Jquery Project

Form Validation

Introduction To Jquery Plugin

Use Of Jquery Plugin

Warning Regarding Jquery Plugin

All Uses Of The Jquery Plugin

Use Of Jacquard Slider

Use Of Various Plugins Related To Images

WordPress Introduction

Server Discussion

Introduction to PHP and MySQL

WordPress Installation

XAMPP and Wamp Solve the Problem

WordPress Basic Concepts

Ideas Related to WordPress Themes

Ideas Related to WordPress Plugins

Ideas Related to The WordPress Dashboard

Freelancer.Com  Introduction