Oracle APEX

Total Class : 30
Seat : 10
Course Duration : 4 Months

Oracle APEX Application Development is a fully managed, low-code application development platform for building and deploying modern, data-driven applications in Oracle Cloud. Business users and application developers can create enterprise applications 38X faster than coding— without having to learn complex web technologies.

⇒  Total Class: 30
⇒  Duration: 4 Months
⇒  100% Job Placement Support
⇒  Books will be provided
⇒  OFFLINE Class – In House LAB based training
⇒  Certificates will be provided at the end of the course

 Why choose APEX Service?

⇒ Low-code development

⇒ Absolutely responsive

⇒ Build apps with confidence

⇒ Interactive reports

⇒ Dynamic charts and many more


Course Contents:


⇒ The Learning Approach Chapter

⇒ Oracle APEX Concepts

⇒ Create Application Components Chapter

⇒ Prepare Application Dashboard

⇒ Managing Customers

⇒ Set Up Products Catalog

⇒ Taking Orders

⇒ Graphical Reports & Mobile Integration

⇒ Produce Advanced Reports

⇒ Managing Users and Application Access

⇒ More Features

⇒ Deploying APEX Applications


  Class Time:


10.00 AM – 12.30 PM
7.00 PM – 9.30 PM


Oracle APEX Concepts

  Introduction to Oracle APEX

  Why Use Oracle APEX?

  Oracle APEX Advantages


  Requesting a Free Workspace





  Oracle APEX Development Environment

  The Page Designer


  Understanding Oracle APEX URL Syntax

  Create Database Objects

  Add Data to Database Tables

Create Application Components

The Shared Components

Application Processes

Authentication Schemes

Authorization Schemes

List of Values




Navigation Menu


Navigation Bar List

Static Application/Workspace Files

Globalization Attributes

Translate Application

Create Lists

Reports List

Desktop Navigation Bar

List of Values (LOV)


Prepare Application Dashboard

  How to create dashboards in web applications

  Adding multiple regions to a page to segregate content

  Use of 12 columns grid layout to arrange multiple regions on a page

  Create links to drill down into details

  Badge List, Pie Chart, and Bar Chart to display data in different graphical formats

  Summarized text information

  Using buttons to navigate to other application pages

  Create Regions

  Create Buttons

  Styling Page Elements

Managing Customers

   Create application pages using wizards

   Using Interactive Grid to display information in tabular format

   Web input form to insert, update and delete data

   Use of Modal Page

   Change type of page items

  Customizing wizard-generated pages to make them more professional

   Creating custom links to switch between the two module pages

   Positioning form input elements using 12 columns layout

   Marking mandatory fields

   Enforce data validation

   Understand how APEX transparently manages DML operations

   (Insert, Update, and Delete) without writing a single line of code

   Explore Interactive Grid

   Add Dynamic Action

Set Up Products Catalog

   Interactive Report

   Image handling (upload, download, save, retrieve, and delete from database)

   Customize interactive report to get different views of data

   Use of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to add custom styles to a page

   Change item type and associate List of Values (LOVs)

   Hiding report columns

   Replacing wizard-generated links with customized links

   Displaying data in an HTML table element

   Styling HTML table element

   Saving an Interactive Report as primary report

   Set dimensions of a modal page

   Making and marking page items as mandatory

Taking Orders

   Implement master/detail forms

   Sorting Interactive Report

   Add Control Breaks to interactive report to group related data

   Apply highlight rules to mark specific records

   Using Aggregate functions

   Using Chart and Group By views in an interactive report

   Creating Primary, Public, and Alternative versions of an interactive report

   Utilizing Copy Page utility

   APEX Collection

   Adding custom processes and dynamic actions

   Using HTML in PL/SQL code

   Using CSS in APEX pages

   Sending Email from Oracle APEX Application

Graphical Reports & Mobile Integration

    How to display summarized information through Stacked Bar,

   Donut, Range, Line with Area, Gantt, Box Plot, and Pyramid charts

   Display customer orders in a calendar

   Hierarchical presentation of data using a tree component

   Drill-down to details from charts

   About Mobile Application Design

   Reports Optimized for Mobile Environments

   List View, Column Toggle Report, and Reflow Report for mobile integration

Produce Advance Reports

    Create Report Query

    Design report layout in Microsoft Word using XML data

    Data grouping and sorting

    Formatting reports using standard Microsoft Word tools

    Add conditional formatting to display data differently in the same report

    Add calculations

    Create parameterized report

    Upload RTF layout to APEX

    Attach custom report layout to the default report query

    Add link in the application to run advance reports

    Download and Install BI Publisher Desktop

Managing Users and Application Access

   Make your application secure from unauthorized access

   How to add users to an APEX application

   Implement built-in roles and rights


  More Features

Deploying APEX Applications

    Export Application

    Export/Import Data

    Import Application


Mentor : MD. Arif Hossain

Software Engineer

 6+ Year Industry experience on Oracle Apex and ORDS. 5+ Year Working Experience on live RTGS, BEFTN, MICR, Digital Account Opening System, Central Account Opening system , Bulk Account opening System, Ghore bose rin nin, Ghore bosses credit card application, Agent Banking System, NBFI, etc. project On ERA-InfoTech Ltd. (A sister concern of Bank Asia Ltd.) Successfully completed batches on Oracle Apex Version 5.1.4 with the project in the year of 2016. Successfully completed Corporate training on Oracle Apex 5.1.4 in Reliance Insurance in the year of 2017-2018


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